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tv   Headline News  RT  August 25, 2014 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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as the ukrainian army drops more bombs on eastern ukraine people are forced to bury loved ones in their own backyards roads damage meaning that cuts off from cemeteries. islamic state militant step up their recruitment campaign with young muslims from across the globe joining me stream we report on the scale on the threats of the jihadist movement. in france and the u.k. of course in a border crisis with hundreds of african refugees stuck in cali trying to get to britain. are you watching r t international coming to you live from moscow where it's now
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eight am in the russian capital it's good to have you with us don't yet skin eastern ukraine has enjoyed another twenty four hours of heavy shelling from the ukrainian army rocket launches have once again ripped an entire neighborhood apart at least two locals have been killed and many houses and people there are learning to cope with their families and friends falling victim to kiev's assault. as the story. this is a place where they're living among the good and way they did being among the living . under this mound of dirt. puddles life his wife media. puffball takes me to the place with million was killed it's only a street away she was walking home when the missile hit.
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and i was. in the. young. i have all met through military years ago he says god smiled down on him that day really ruin your career. the streets are quiet except for a few children who've braved the sunshine in between shelling residents hunkered down in sailors as mortar and artillery fire rains down telephones are broken mobile phones almost never work and shops are boarded up and running no looting the mood for anything that. will. sway with elian. but also opponents may be done. the symmetry is about five kilometers away from the town of chef tosk it's a straight road to get there but it's
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a very difficult view to take when you're coming under shelling. if gainey is a volunteer grave digger he says one hundred fifty people have died in the past three weeks that seven a day many of whom never make it here. from a. very. small. but the bodies are piling up and like pavel residents are dazed in shock he gives us his daughter's phone number and asks if we will call her with no access to the outside world he hasn't yet told her her mother is did as the ukrainian army closes in terrified residents prepared to wait it out surrounded by they did poorly c r two shuttles eastern. war waging in the stew crimean president petro poroshenko is vowing to boost military spending by three billion dollars but where
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will the money come from leading a columnist say care of finances aren't artists and here's why on the surface things may seem rosy after the international monetary fund granted kiev a seventeen billion dollar loan but it came with conditions. most importantly the national debt to g.d.p. ratio should be no higher than sixty percent is now predicted to reach eighty seven percent in just four years economic shrinkage in july six and a half percent last year it was only one point three percent political political economist jeffrey summers explains why he believes it's a catastrophe. we have the ever shrinking g.d.p. we have the loss of crimea course the lost production in the donbass region and the cost of the civil war itself so it's really quite a catastrophe and i would say that the i.m.f. is regarding the ability of ukraine to pay bondholders or itself. not only is the country's g.d.p. falling but its energy bill was increasing and this represents not only
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a worsening of its balance of payments position but also makes ukrainian industry you know what little there is left function and even less competitive even higher energy costs moreover we have the situation or it has to pay for expensive gas with a declining currency is. the conflict has wrecked the heartland of ukraine's economy they don't yet know where the country's main plants and factories are based many of them have either been badly damaged or closed because it's too dangerous to work in a war zone much of the regional infrastructure has also been destroyed experts in global and financial markets patrick young says no one would want to invest in ukraine's economy right now for the situation in ukraine is that obviously it's incredibly difficult when you've had some sort of an insurrection on the streets a revolution lots of all people because that impacts on the economy and therefore it's incredibly difficult to get your statistics absolutely precise in such
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a time it's really a tragedy for the people of ukraine and what we see at the moment is in a colony that is on the verge of a death spiral we've all the asli see all of the sorts of terrible warfare that are happening within the borders of the country that's a tragedy because actually it's the eastern corner of the country around don yes we're in fact the industry is that really adds to the overall g.d.p. what's the news we hear out of ukraine all the time fighting warfare terrorism problems who's going to invest in the back of the up nobody who's going to invest in a call to me where you don't have a clear rule of law where you cannot appreciably believe that your assets will not be in some way squandered taken away through bribery or indeed all right still of nobody. well argentina is the latest country to participate in the global movement in support of russian photojournalist understanding he went missing in eastern ukraine earlier this month various rights groups and activists have
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joined an online appeal to kiev to do everything possible to fight him. islamic state militants that are waging war in iraq and syria have managed to carry out a successful global recruitment campaign as according to the latest report from a syrian human rights watchdog now last month more than six thousand men join the jihadists some of them from western nations and it's not just adults the extremists don't mind having the young fight for them also like this thirteen year old belgian boy earlier this year he traveled to syria with his older brother to fight alongside the radicals well canada has also become one of the recruitment centers for the islamic state militants as according to a local imaam it claims the islamists are infiltrating universities and mosques across the country is what he told me. you have the isis. you know recruitment universe you are has been very successful and they have very successful
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you can even europeans americans and i say it's going to be a. computer. game has been fighting to get their number you know hundreds and thousands of people from best in rural who are writing i'll garrido was created in of gravity. and you can see you know all work great of destruction and atrocities carried out around war similarly i see it is worse than a card now and they are not going to stay just in sudan there are. everybody is going to work you can. hear it and there are not going to stay in to get it out believe me. the french port town of color is in the midst of a frontier crisis hundreds of refugees from east africa amassing that in a bid to cross into the u.k. authorities now on the british check point move back across the channel but the initiative is far from being welcomed in the u.k.
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itself ati's pauli boyko explains. the french forces galle this has become a familiar sight destitute migrants the majority from east africa and the middle east has made the town that temporary home these makeshift tents on industrial wasteland have been nicknamed the jungle this condition i had never seen in my life you see i come from the war to police for example in there for their life is better than this i never had to pick one day i would find the situation in europe leg just the majority of the people we speak to tell us their aim is to make the journey across the english channel it's been eight hundred straight to get to the u.k. illegally each year we stayed away in lorries and we're doing in this side to know what to king how are you going to get out of. the tribally big tragedy.
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so. go do decide please knowing to try dr knowing your estimates put the number of migrants here in cali one and a half thousand on these men women and children have. been queuing up for the past two hours to get some food provided for them by a volunteer organization and for many of them this is the only meal they're going to get to eat all day they're desperate to go to england you know they really that's what they want they don't want to stay here it's not a very nice place to stay and even if they ask for asylum many stay on the street for weeks or months before the bin have logic so if they're not encouraged to ask for stereo at all cali's mare says the town is so the scene just by refugees that locals fear for their safety and investors are pulling out of the area so
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frustrated as natasha bouchard that she said she's willing to buy ferry tickets to send all the migrants over to britain she's even called for the u.k.'s border to be moved from its current location in the cali ferry terminal over to the port of dover. there is only one place in the world where countries borders are not physically located in their own country and those here in cali clearly doesn't work we are hostages of the decisions and the policies of the british government i'm demanding the border is moved back to its own country britain's borders should be in due were in the united kingdom it's not our job to control britain's borders kelly come to coop and they don't care how bad things are for us the u.k. government needs to start doing its job and not leaving it up to us to do here in france. just twenty miles across the channel here in the u.k. hasn't exactly got its arms wide open the british government is so concerned over
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the migrants desperate attempts to make it to britain in deniz and makeshift vessels that a special fleet of border force boats has been assigned to patrol this coastline as for the suggestion to move the u.k.'s borders away from france the u.k. government has told us it's not in their plans. juxtapose control's hope play a vital part in to be hear from entering the u.k. locals in dover tell us that they've already had enough to service so many that we can tally this from just responsibility if they reach their shoulders and stand they should maintain a responsibility to go in trying to flip the switch to the so it's a problem that no one wants to have isn't it back in cali dinner time is while they're here these men and women's lives are taken up by simple questions like
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where the next meal will come from or how they can get a shower while the authorities in france and britain continue to wash their hands of them. kelly and dave. well coming up on aussie international moments of calm after weeks of range you know it's time to focus on past its final respects to a teenager shot dead by police. last night the story of one man who made his dreams fly literally got a lot more coming up after the break. the world is laughing at america because every single day jamie diamond victim that is the american economy shows up in bloody great you know their debt and they're saying oh it wasn't me that did this it wasn't me that did this time i love j.b.
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i love these gloves but it was the world going oh oh oh oh. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here not going here in iraq other big story the fans from the headlines and talk there's a reason they don't want it in a very important phrase that we. now let's break the set. peter. a pleasure to have you with us here today.
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he is the mother of invention or say the saying goes in for one russian man that means living the high life in a self made playing. of a report on how his dreams took flight. surrogate and his eight year old son took a flight to their holiday destination there'd be nothing exceptional about that word not for one thing you will get a little i made a plane we flew in myself i know every single tiny part of it and of course it gives me great comfort so i feel confident about. his spend over five years building and from scratch using mostly fiberglass plastic old machinery parts and his inexhaustible a few c s m sir ghana has sunny kita spent
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a total of twenty three hours in the sky travelling from the heart of siberia to the coast of the black sea. i was born in a very remote area in a small village there were no roads there it was like living on an island once my father told me that when i grow up i would be able to build some type of cross-country vehicle that would get me anywhere i ever wanted to i was always dreaming about it but his real passion for airplanes started back in ninety seven when russia introduce a new law that allows anyone to have a private plane for personal use so we didn't use a list but i had to overcome a number of challenges because it is a self made aircraft i had to train a special certification for the plane aviation experts had to acknowledge it is safe to operate so now i am a legal user of the flying space but the shaft cheek families and bishan reaches even further. one day we took a globe and decided we wanted to go to the equator if you draw
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a straight line from the city of supes to the equator you get to the most leaves you this is the place we now dream of visiting together with my son there's only one thing standing in their way the himalayas sergei sas he needs to obviate the engine to increase the flying out a toot and as we've come to learn for him not even the sky's the limit might in a question are. now from and on that online if you ever wanted your own town it's your lucky day ones up for sale at a bargain price that story in full on our website. also the holocaust survivors lash out at israel for the ongoing military operation in gaza get the full story in r.t. dot com. to see. first rick. and i think your.
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orders. michael brown the teenager shot dead over two weeks ago by police in the u.s. town of ferguson will be buried today was started as a local protest over the shooting sparked a wave of rallies brutally suppressed by place which any increased public anger report not reports on a community in mourning after weeks of violence. on what would have been his first day at university michael one hour instead he laid to rest in the coming hours an estimated five thousand items and people are expected to turn out first funeral including three officials from the white house on august ninth the on teenagers were shot and killed by a white officer down will sit and after that attack as the world has learned
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violence and police clashes with peaceful protesters and the uptick in ferguson has lasted for one year the two weeks the past few days we have seen somewhat of a calm take for a purpose and see other side with the rest of us taking place but when it got very tense we saw the bullets and tear gas and flash grenades thrown at thousands that turned out into the streets calling for accountability and justice for the killing of michael brown now on sunday several events took place there on the scene there was sort of works including the one behind me where hundreds had gathered up holding candles and and holding a mass one corner michael brown and his family speaking to a crowd of hundreds or in sunday michael burns far their lead in the community saying that he is hoping for a day of harm and peace for finally there is some reporting from senior is we're in a port and there are tape now some other news from around the world and three inmates have reportedly been beheaded have at least five others injured in
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a prison riot in brazil at least seven hundred prisoners are reported to be involved in the uprising which destroyed much of the penitentiary the inmates took at least two gods and others prisoners hostages the dissatisfied about how the prison is controlled as well as about food and hygiene. the strongest earthquake in twenty five years to hit california has injured over one hundred twenty people six of them seriously a state of emergency has been declared after the strong earthquake hit the san francisco bay area there has been significant damage to buildings and public facilities and the seventy thousand homes have been left without power. after more than a month of fighting islam is militias claimed to have taken total control of tripoli international airport in libya during the raid at least ten people were killed and dozens wounded the fighters largely destroyed the port the police residence and identified warplanes also attacked targets in the capital.
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in the u.k. dog owners are said to be killing their pets with kindness with britain's canines now some of the fattest in the world as arctic tundra farm reports it's not just portly pets that might need to look at their diets. bruce the boxer is fact and he's trying to shed some pounds that lack of exercise import diet saw him balloon in size to almost twice his ideal weight. honey and goat's milk every morning and any dinner in the evening and obviously the treats of disputes and truth he's in good company though research shows over half of britain's dogs are in fact obese that's up fifteen percent in four years that makes them some of the fattest in the world a quick straw poll of our own helped explain why what treats to give them chicken fillets. cheery sticks and if you can get their arms will actually have a fish and chip put in
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a ball through for the same results we don't get. julie jones is only too aware of the problem but says often dog owners aren't feeding their pet just one cup of tea is the human equivalent of eating a hamburger and being overweight consider fairly effect a dog's health is their pet and they love him dearly and i generally say you killing with love they get joint problems ok then they get heart problems and then there's difficulty of proving. but surgeries like julie's are offering help in fact three causes if you kate. it's now had that the city clinics chubby canines including bruce are being put on a diet of wholesome food and exercise well fifty five kilograms briefly used to be known as rochester's heavyweight boxer he's now down to forty nine kilograms but the thing is he's not the only saggy dog story in the u.k. there are currently four million dogs that are overweight. and animal experts don't
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expect that figure to fall fast dogs are like their owners so the saying goes and with over sixty percent of britons now obese that is becoming the norm but individual owners you can do something about it early quickly but again i think just like with you going to be city now it's got to the point of being so common that it's going to take a long time to do with. the priest there's no looking back the smarties losing his girth as an impressive rate for him at least it's nothing tastes as good as slim felix andry farmer for r.t. london now preliminary results from the presidential election in the caucuses republican suggest the opposition candidate is leading the polls with more than half of the votes the country's new leader will have to deal with a legacy of years of rampant corruption has brought the country to the brink of reports for ati. sunday's election
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a party i went through the route of protests but unlike those of the arab spring or some of the color revolutions the protests here did not snowball it's a vicious mind. against the all it's the president gave up his near absolute power paving the way to an early vote. out of mcchrystal says no people have finally realized that we need changes and not to be the nation's president now is not a privilege it's going to be hard ward as you've done to me and people have taken an active stance many showed up to cause their votes today we want the current situation in the country changed for people to have work and to feel that they're living in a free country that. the race quickly boiled down to two candidates on the one side there is the man who championed for change and led the protests on the other a loyal follower of the ousted president who served as minister of security. both promise a new age for piety and then to mass poverty pandemic corruption and government
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excess. playing exactly on the citizens desire. the election was caught the turnout high by any standard and vote counting is now wrapping up officials told us they did all they could to allow both to have their say the elections unfolded in a calm atmosphere we did everything what we could that all that because people can company hold despite the very small budget almost one hundred international observers from twenty four countries were here joined by the locals we ran into them and various polling stations they went about their duties and that's what they thought of this poll. when you put them in the voting is gone really well the election is fair open and has been held in accordance with the nation's laws. jews they will mark six years since applies here received its first international independence recognition there was a belief that from that day on life would change for the better unfortunately that
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. didn't happen but the hope is now back why does the see a positive. not coming up ahead on r.t. international's sophie shevardnadze with sophie because if you're in the u.k. that option returns and takes you on the ground stay with us. once we do school. biology teachers they're great with their local gender experts and they came to the conclusion that the metaphor that the streams are active and the eggs are passive in the reproduction process reinforces gender. eugenics but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin's science punishment for an
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uncommitted crying i was never an instrumental being in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing yet again and now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. we think of why we think there are. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. in fact. why it has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like people. no. you all right.
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well i did read the earlier search for you to get all wilderness. there's a medium so we leave the. others the bush and secure the. party there's an. issues that no one is there still with big they deserve answers from. politic. to.
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the welcome to. shevardnadze what do you do one war robs you of your childhood i guess today lost his mother and if i sing in sudan and became a soldier at the age of seven the kindness of strangers and music helped him overcome his lack of childhood steeped in extreme violence. is now wolf famous hip hop artist and he is here today to share his extraordinary life story with us. there are three hundred thousand child soldiers in the world most of them are fighting in africa. a war deprived of families forced to kill. children good soldiers how does one escape such a fate and what happens if they do. a manual j. out child soldier turned hip hop artists.


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